Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 67 Zi You is Injured, Loved Ones Are Distressed [2], Part 1

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[*Poor Imperial Doctor Shi…]

Dier used her misfortune to fulfill Née Liu’s happiness. Née Liu was grateful and touched and this was one of the reasons for the utmost care and concern she showed Zi You.

Mu YingYi fairly flew to catch up with the General’s Manor’s horse carriage. He pulled the Imperial Doctor Shi most famous for treating sprains and fractures onto his own horse and rushed away.

The fifty-two years old Imperial Doctor Shi almost vomited from the bumpy ride. He thought something happened to Old General Mu.

He saw Zi You’s wounds and the pale Imperial Doctor Shi was speechless.

 Mu Xiaojie’s injury indeed was not light. The two triangular wounds had broken porcelain pieces in it. Cleaning them required a lot of effort. Although the wounds were not deep, the injured area was the elbow. It was inconvenient for long-term movement.

But for the soldiers on the battlefield, this was nothing. Old General Mu and Young General Mu were both famous generals. To be so nervous over Mu Xiaojie’s injury, it can only be for one reason. Mu Xiaojie was very important to both generals.

But no wonder they would be so concerned. Although this Xiaojie was not very old, she was beautiful enough to cause fish to sink, goose to alight, the moon to hide in shame, and flowers to open [used to describe the Four Beauties of China]. Although the veil she was wearing revealed only her eyes and a smooth, white forehead, but those eyes were, among the countless beauties the old Imperial Doctor had seen in the Palace, the most beautiful.

Like deep purple crystals immersed in water, they were crystal clear and glittering with no impurities. They held a soul-sucking charm that made one want to immerse oneself in them and did not want to remove one’s gaze.

In addition, her skin was smoother than a freshly-peeled egg. Her delicate and slender jade-like arm was whiter than luminous white snow. The bright-red color in the backdrop was eye-catching and heart-seizing.

It was his first time meeting Mu Xiaojie and even he felt distressed, not to mention her grandfather, uncle and aunt.


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