Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 66 Zi You is Injured, Loved Ones Are Distressed [1], Part 2

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In his courtyard, Old General Mu was clutching Zi You’s bloody and red arm, distressed until his eyes reddened.

Zi You’s skin was very white and tender, like white jade. Because she wore a sari, she was clad only in a thin layer of silk. No one knew if Zi You’s wound had porcelain pieces in it.

Faced with Zi You’s bloody gash, Née Liu’s heart ached with grief. She had tears on her face but was helpless. She didn’t know how to cope.

Old General Mu yelled, “Go urge the Imperial Doctor to hurry! Where is YingYi? Tell him to meet the Imperial Doctor personally.”

The General’s Manor’s Butler, Mu Zhong, quickly replied, “Second Ye personally went. He has been gone for a while now.”

Zi You saw her grandfather, uncle, and aunt so anxious and was a bit regretful. Her trick of injuring herself succeeded, but was it not a bit cruel to let her loved ones be so distressed and panicked over her?

“Grandather, Aunt, don’t worry. You’er can’t rest easy seeing you like this. I’m fine. The wound doesn’t hurt. To comfort her loved ones, Zi You endured the pain to reveal a smile as beautiful and refined as Epiphyllum.

Old General Mu felt even more tenderness towards his granddaughter. She was always so sensible and well-behaved. Like her mother, they both thought of others and bore grievances and pain alone.

If Dier was a little more selfish back then, Mu YingYi likely would have married her and not Née Liu.

After all, Dier save Mu YingYi’s life. They fought side by side as comrades-in-arms suppressing the rebellion in Nanjiang. Who could compare to that?

With her illustrious achievements, asking the Emperor to bestow a marriage and push Née Liu’s marriage aside was not difficult.

However, after learning that Mu YingYi was engaged to Née Liu, a withdrawal from the marriage would have affected Née Liu too badly. Without the slightest hesitation, Dier chose to marry Mu YingRui instead.


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