Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 66 Zi You is Injured, Loved Ones Are Distressed [1], Part 1

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Wang Yiping gasped in fright. Her face turned white and sinister. Under the moonlight, it was as creepy as a ghost!

Being scolded by his father and brother had Mu YingRui’s anger rising. He ferociously kicked her and scolded, “You poisonous woman, not one day is peaceful! This Ye really regrets marrying such a troublemaker!”

He was still angry and kicked her again. “Ye did not intend to accept Lian’er so early. Since you are so concerned, Ye would deliberately ignore your wishes and take her as my concubine. We’ll have the bridal night tonight and anger you poisonous woman to death!”

He ignored Wang Yiping’s anguished wailings and walked away. His back looked decisive.

Wang Yiping collapsed in front of the bed. She stared at Mu YingRui’s back. Her lips were bitten raw, her fingernails were broken, and her chest filled with monstrous hatred. Her organs were painful enough to shift positions.

Lecher! So those days of loving affection and tender affection were fake! So he was such a fickle man!

Good, good, good. You’re heartless, so don’t blame me for being unjust. You act first so I retaliate. I would not wrong myself for such a fickle man.

What kind of man couldn’t I get with my looks and skills? I don’t have to hang myself on your tree. If I don’t give you eighteen cuckolded hats to wear, then I would be letting you down.

Wang Yiping stood up and wiped off her tears. The smile on her face was strange and eerie, giving people goose bumps.


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