Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 65 Cold-Blooded, Selfish, Slag Father, Part 2

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Who knew that as they were getting ready, ShiYun ran over and cried anxiously and in panic, “Lao TaiYe, Second Laoye, hurry to save Xiaojie. Because Laoye saved Shui guniang, furen is beating and scolding Xiaojie.”

He, his father, and his wife ran over and actually saw such a scene. You’er’s arm was hurt to this extent, but his brother acted like he didn’t see it. He even blamed and threatened You’er. He really was inhumane!

Mu YingYi remembered what Dier said when she was forcibly taken away by her grandmother and his eyes reddened.

“Young General, Dier can no longer keep watch over you and You’er. Dier begs Young General for one thing. Protect You’er for me. Don’t let her get hurt. Her father… was a mistake. I really regretted marrying him. How nice would it be if You’er was Young General’s child!”

Yes, how nice would it be if You’er was his daughter! He would protect her like a precious treasure. He wouldn’t let this pitiful and sensible child be bullied by her stepmother and inhumane father.

Mu YingYi was always polite and respectful to Wang Yiping. Even after he found out Zi You’s illness last time was because she drugged her, he didn’t say anything to her face. She was the older sister-in-law. He was the younger brother-in-law and a man. It was embarrassing to clash with her in person. But tonight, everything had touched his bottom line. He could no longer endure.

Mu YingYi looked at Wang Yiping with his gaze like a torch. He wanted to burn her and make her feel a fear that she never had before.

“Sister-in-law, I respect you as a sister-in-law. But I cannot let you bully You’er. I hope you act more like an elder. Next time I see you bully You’er, don’t blame me for breaking my principle to not hit women!”

He fiercely struck a chair and it fell apart and broke into pieces.


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