Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 65 Cold-Blooded, Selfish, Slag Father, Part 1

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This was her own biological father. He had not said one word of concern since she was injured. He only thought about his wife and concubines and how to keep himself from being punished by grandfather.

He really was cold-blooded and selfish to the extreme! No wonder mother did not love him, grandfather did not like him, and uncle did not get close to him.

Zi You looked at the blood flowing on her arm. She had not replied to Mu YingRui because she was too angry. The door banged open and Old General Mu and Mu YingYi and his wife rushed inside.

Old General Mu kicked Mu YingRui who was standing in front of Zi You aside. He grabbed Zi You’s arm to take a look. He sucked in a mouthful of cold air, distressed. The temperature in the room dropped to negative degrees. He loudly shouted, “Someone! Take my name card and invite an Imperial Doctor over. Née Liu, quickly bring medicine over and help You’er stop the blood.”

He picked up Zi You and told Mu YingRui, “After I treat You’er’s wounds, I’ll deal with you two animals!”

He rushed out and flew towards his courtyard.

Née Liu fiercely glared at Wang Yiping and also hurried out.

Mu YingYi was filled with grief and resentfully said to Mu YingRui, “Brother, You’er is your biological daughter. Even a malicious tiger wouldn’t eat its own cub. You really have no humanity? How can you bear to hurt her? You’er is the only thing sister-in-law had left behind!”

He was angered to death. Because Zi You wanted to see the burning tower and guess riddles, Old General Mu had them prepare while Zi You went to see the Shui YouLian who fainted. They were going to set out when Zi You returned.


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