Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 64 Poisonous Woman Disguises Herself, Part 2

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Wang Yiping couldn’t bother with being jealous anymore. She grabbed onto Mu YingRui’s thigh and cried with tears and snot flying. She didn’t care about her image anymore. “Laoye, I beg you. I beg you to persuade You’er to not let Lao TaiYe know about this matter. Bieqie doesn’t want to be abandoned! Wuu… Bieqie didn’t want to hit You’er. She talked back and scolded Bieqie so Bieqie got angry. Laoye, really, Bieqie really didn’t mean to.”

Seeing Wang Yiping crying like this, Mu YingRui couldn’t bear it anymore. He calmed down and pondered a bit. He immediately realized the seriousness of the situation.

His wife was correct. Once his father knew about this, whether his wife was right or wrong, his father would not tolerate it. You’er was father’s precious treasure. Even his brother’s children could not add up to the weight that she had in his father’s heart.

Since Ping’er married him, although she had some wrongs, their feelings were pretty good. Even if he didn’t listen to her and tried to only please himself, he was still pretty satisfied with this loveable and charming little wife.

Mu YingRui immediately pulled Zi You. He said with a 10% coaxing, 70% threatening, and 20% pleading tone, “You’er, don’t cry. Your mother is wrong. I will let her apologize to you. But you were also wrong. How can you, as a daughter, scold your mother? When this gets out, who will marry you? Don’t cry. Let’s take care of this wound. Don’t let your grandfather know or he would get angry. What would YouLian do if your grandfather gets angry? Huh?”

Mu YingRui’s words were like a basin of ice water poured over Zi You. Zi You felt ice-cold inside and out.


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