Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 63 Poisonous Woman is Beaten, Part 2

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Wang Yiping was not an ordinary person. Once she saw Mu YingRui, she already began to regret her impulsiveness. Now that she was scolded and slapped by him, she sobered even more.

Simply put, she was lowly person who bullied the weak and was afraid of the strong. She had to be beaten to come to her senses.

Wang Yiping relied on nothing more than Mu YingRui’s love and doting. If she lost this man’s love, she couldn’t move a step in the General’s Manor.

Great Yan valued martial skills over civil skills. Even the Emperor gave Old General Mu face. As for civil officials, even if you were a first-rank prime minister, you could not compare to a first-rank general’s resoluteness. Martial officials held more power than civil officials.

Duke Yingguo only had a title with no real power. Compared to the military power in Old General Mu’s hands, it was like comparing clouds to mud.

Besides, Wang Yiping was Duke Yingguo fu’s Shu daughter. Duke Yingguo furen always disliked her. Even if she returned to her maiden family to complain, her family couldn’t run to the General’s Manor to seek justice.

In addition, she was the unreasonable one in tonight’s events. Even if she went to the Emperor’s throne room, she couldn’t state an excuse.

After all, Zi You didn’t do anything wrong. She simply performed an exotic dance for her elders with a maidservant. As for Mu YingRui liking Shui YouLian, it had nothing to do with Zi You. Could the daughter control her father’s mind and prevent him from liking or disliking someone?

Wang Yiping was just jealous and angry and lost her senses. Now she was slapped sober by Mu YingRui. She immediately feigned being pitiful and delicate. She hugged Mu YingRui’s arm and cried, grief-stricken, “Laoye, Bieqie won’t… won’t… Bieqie wasn’t… wasn’t… deliberate. Bieqie thought Laoye… Laoye didn’t want Bieqie anymore. Bieqie was momentarily fearful and anxious and lost… lost her senses.”


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