Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 63 Poisonous Woman is Beaten, Part 1

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Mu YingRui was distracted by her tears and delicate, frail appearance. So he agreed to Wang Yiping drugging Zi You, but only if the drug was harmless.

Wang Yiping bribed her mother’s lover, Imperial Doctor Qin, and promised Mu YingRui.

The stupid Mu YingRui did not know that Wang Yiping would bring harm to his daughter. Medicines were 30% poisonous. How could there be a non-harmful drug?

So that gentle, ladylike, sweet and charming little wife was such a poisonous and vicious shrew!

She not only slapped his daughter’s face and caused her to fall on the ground of broken porcelain and be injured; she even cursed him and his family. If this could be tolerated, then what could not? Enough was enough.

Mu YingRui did not like his father controlling him. But his father was still his father. They were related by blood. How could it be permissible for someone to curse him?

Mu YingRui went over to the still-scolding Wang Yiping and kicked her. Then he helped the Zi You up from the ground. His face immediately changed.

Zi You fell sideways onto the ground. Her left arm had been pierced by the broken porcelain and blood was flowing.

It was over! If his father found out, not only would Wang Yiping be punished, but he would also be beaten. Mu YingRui thought of that terrifying military rod and anger gushed forwards. He rushed over and slapped Wang Yiping five or six times. He scolded, “You poisonous woman! You never stop, always trying to find trouble. What day is it today? It’s the Mid-Autumn Festival! You hurt You’er like this! You really don’t want the whole manor to have a good day right?”


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