Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 62 Poisonous Woman Betrays Herself [2], Part 2

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With Zi You’s martial arts, she could have dodged this slap. But at this time, she heard Mu YingRui’s footsteps.

Since she learned martial arts, her ears were sharp and eyes were keen. Her sight and hearing were excellent. She could clearly hear a little bit of grass or wind blowing.

Wang Yiping was angry so she naturally did not hear that Mu YingRui was quickly arriving at the door.

Zi You’s eyes turned. She did not hide and went forwards to meet the slap. She suddenly fell on top of the ground full of broken porcelain.

The broken porcelain pierced into her arm. Zi You cried out in pain and then yelled out in panic, “Mother, you have misunderstood father!”

At this time, Mu YingRui happened to enter the room. He saw Wang Yiping slap his daughter and shouted like a shrew, “Shut up! Don’t mention your shameless and obscene father. Your Mu family doesn’t have a good person. You should all go to hell!” Mu YingRui couldn’t believe his gaze and widened his peach blossom eyes.

Wang Yiping had always appeared elegant and kind in front of Mu YingRui. Even when she suggested drugging Zi You that time, she was crying like pear blossoms in the rain. She spoke delicately and coquettishly to Mu YingRui, “Once Laoye leaves, how could Ping’er [referring to herself] live her days? People thinking of others would die. Laoye, You’er doesn’t like me. If Lao TaiYe doesn’t let Ping’er follow Laoye, what would Ping’er do? Laoye, if You’er says something in front of Lao Taiye, Ping’er could accompany by Laoye’s side. Laoye is willing to leave Ping’er and won’t miss Ping’er?”


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