Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 61 Poisonous Woman Betrays Herself [1], Part 2

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For the first time, Mu YingRui felt a bit of fatherly awareness towards Zi You. He thought of his wife Wang Yiping’s personality and the possibility that Zi You would receive Wang Yiping’s censure. Mu YingRui hurriedly kissed Shui YouLian’s lips. “Okay, I will listen to you. Take rest darling. I’ll go see Zi You and come back later.”

He took big steps and hurried towards Wang Yiping’s YipingJu.

At this time, Wang Yiping was indeed showing off her might and power to Zi You. Actually, Zi You walked into her living space and saw the ground full of broken porcelain. She asked, “Mother, what happened here?”

Wang Yiping pointed at her and shouted, “Kneel down!”

You finally couldn’t act anymore?! Zi You secretly and coldly smiled. Instead of immediately kneeling, she put on an ignorant face. She asked, frightened, “Mother, what’s wrong with you? I’m You’er. Why are you so angry?”

Wang Yiping was angry enough to go crazy. She felt her temples throbbing with pain. The angry air under her ribs kept dispersing, making her nauseous.

She seriously wondered if everything that happened tonight was Mu Zi You’s deliberate doing. Why else would that vixen perform and be gifted to Mu YingRui? And she even coincidentally fainted?

Mu YingRui, that lecher! One vixen was enough to make you lose your senses. Did you forget your promise to me? Did you forget our pledge of eternal love?

The more she thought, the more Wang Yiping was angry and the more she hated Zi You, Old General Mu, and everything about Mu fu [residence]. But of course, she hated that heartless rat Mu YingRui the most.

Therefore, she smashed to pieces all the precious chinaware that Mu YingRui bought her.


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