Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 61 Poisonous Woman Betrays Herself [1], Part 1

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He did not have the courage to face the noble ice queen who was like the cold and pure goddess Chang’e in Guanghan Palace.

Shui YouLian immediately realized that this man in front of her who had a refined and handsome appearance was no different from those who frequented Chuyao Guan.

She felt regretful. She was, after all, born from nobility. By the time her father had the incident, she had fully developed her own mind.

She didn’t want to be a geisha. When she was bought by Zi You, she held hope. She hoped for a good ending and to meet her ideal man. But now it seemed like she was doomed to be disappointed.

But she had no choice. Zi You’s kindness and grace to her were heavy as a mountain. She not only rid her slave status, but also did everything to cure her asthma. She had not had an asthma attack for many days. The symptoms this evening were faked in accordance to Zi You’s command.

She must repay the life-saving grace and being given the opportunity to begin a new life.

Although she was a woman, she knew she must repay the grace of drops of water with a gushing spring! She didn’t want to be an ungrateful person.

Shui YouLian suppressed her heart’s disappointment. She bashfully dodged to the side and whispered, “Laoye, YouLian is already Laoye’s woman. Why is Laoye so impatient? YouLian saw that Xiaojie worries over Laoye’s body and doesn’t eat. She said Laoye has kidney deficiencies. Xiaojie is not worldly and doesn’t know what kidney deficiency is. But YouLian… YouLian knows and heard it from her mother before. So Laoye, for Xiaojie, your noble body, and for… for YouLian, please take care of yourself. Don’t let Xiaojie worry or YouLian be distressed.”

This speech was very comfortable for Mu YingRui. The warmth of care and concern from a loved one gushed from his body and spread over his body.


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