Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 60 Uncle Goat Turns into a Huge Lecherous Wolf [2], Part 2

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Mu YingRui was constantly nibbling her lips. She stuck out her little tongue and lightly licked his lips once.

Mu YingRui took the opportunity to insert his tongue into Shui YouLian’s mouth. He soon kissed Shui YouLian into panting and she collapsed in his arms.

Mu YingRui looked at her silky features and dazed, delicate, small face that was emitting a seductive and languid charm. Here red lips bitten by him were delicate and more beautiful.

Her neckline was very low. She had a delicate collarbone and her half torso constantly rose up and down with her breathing. His blood ran quicker and heart rate sped up.

He didn’t care about the doctor or his kidney deficiency anymore. He couldn’t restrain himself. His evil claw reached out for Shui YouLian’s plump chest.

This was one of the reason Mu YingRui liked Shui YouLian. Because Mu YingRui’s women all felt like oranges now. The feeling was unpleasant.

This made him think of Zi You’s mother, Dier’s voluptuous pair of snowy peaks. The sensation of touching them could not be described in words. But he only experienced it twice. After Dier was pregnant with Zi You, he never experienced it again.

This was something he deeply regretted. He was satisfied with Dier’s appearance, body, and talents. But she was too cold, cold enough to freeze him all over. Her deep purple eyes held no warmth but contempt and made him unable to lift his head.

In the end, he did not share a room with Dier. Instead of saying that he wronged Dier, it was Dier’s indifference and contempt that seriously injured his self-esteem.


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