Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 59 Uncle Goat Turns into a Huge Lecherous Wolf [1], Part 2

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Shui YouLian nimbly dodged. She fearfully said, “YouLian is the daughter of a criminal. YouLian is not worthy to be treated by you like this.”

Mu YingRui withdrew his hand. His peach blossom eyes stared vigorously at Shui YouLian. He feigned rebuke, “Shui guniang [girl, miss] had at least been an official’s xiaojie. How can we let her be a maidservant?”

Zi You deliberately frowned and said embarrassedly, “But daughter couldn’t let her be a doctor even more. The front line is so dangerous. If she has an asthma attack again, wouldn’t that be taking her life? Did daughter save her life to take it back then?”

She looked at Mu YingRui’s anxious and uncomfortable face. Then she tentatively and cautiously said, “Daddy, daughter begs to you take YouLian as…”

“Laoye, YouLian is willing to be Laoye’s maidservant. As long as Laoye keeps YouLian by his side as a slave or a servant, YouLian is willing.”

“This…” Mu YingRui looked at YouLian. His heart was exceedingly happy. He feigned compassion for YouLian and made a disturbed expression. “Fine. You be a maidservant first. I will tell furen when I get an opportunity to and raise you to yinaing status. You will be wronged for a while. Don’t be too upset, okay? Laoye will treat you very well.”

“Congratulations, Fifth Yiniang!” Zi You quickly rejoiced. Then she looked worriedly at Mu YingRui, “Father, mother won’t be mad at daughter right? What if she thinks that you taking YouLian as Fifth Yiniang was daughter’s idea and gets angry at daughter? Daddy, mother cares about you very much. She doesn’t want you to have too many yiniangs.”

Mu YingRui seemed reluctant to let YouLian know that someone like Wang Yiping existed. He started to speak, but saw YouLian kneel again. Like pear blossoms in the rain, she said, “Laoye and Xiaojie carry a life-saving grace for YouLian. How can YouLian make things difficult for Xiaojie and Laoye for her own selfish desires?”


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