Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 59 Uncle Goat Turns into a Huge Lecherous Wolf [1], Part 1

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Mu YingRui nodded and inquired, “Who is she? Why is she bought together with the slaves by you?”

At this moment, Shui YouLian’s asthma symptoms eased and calmed. Hearing Mu YingRui asking after her, her tearful and frail appearance softened Mu YingRui’s heart some more.

Zi You feigned sorrow and rubbed her eyes. She sighed, “YouLian is really pitiful! She was originally an official family’s xiaojie. Her father was Shaanxi Province’s official but her whole family was treated as guilty because he was convicted of corruption. She was demoted to slave status. That day I went to the market, I encountered a brothel keeper who was trying to buy her. She refused and was scolded and beaten by slave traffickers. I couldn’t bear it and bought her. I asked and that’s how I found out about her past. She’s knowledgeable in zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting and she’s pretty. So my intention after educating her was to send her to father to be a maidservant in your study. I didn’t expect her to be sick after her dance. It’s my fault. I should have rejected her at the time.”

“If Xiaojie talks like that, just kill YouLian then!”

Shui YouLian was mournful and knelt enchantingly on the ground, “If Xiaojie did not save YouLian, YouLian would have already become a pile of dust. Seeing that Xiaojie is in difficulties because she wants to show filial piety, how could I reasonably stand by and do nothing? Although YouLian is a little girl, but YouLian knows that a nobleman is not ungrateful.”

Zi You quickly helped her up. She lightly said, “You’re not well. Why are you kneeling on the cold ground?”

Mu YingRui also quickly reached a hand out to help her.


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