Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 58 If I Don’t Go to Hell, Then Who Will? Part 2

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In the middle were tiny pink pearls as beautiful and seductive as the blossoming of flowers. Her slender and soft waist was like willow branches in March that brought about thousands of amorous feelings. Even her small lotus feet were silently enchanting and issuing a seductive invitation.

Mu YingRui’s eyes became dark and deep. His mouth was dry, he had shortness of breath, and blood was boiling all over his body, rushing towards that lower part of his body…

Mu YingRui was not some unworldly “little tender chick.” He was well versed in the pleasures of the flesh and had experienced almost everything. To yield to a little woman like Shui YouLian was too easy.

He naturally held Shui YouLian’s soft hand and gently asked, “How are you? How can you breathe like this? What can I do to ease your pain?”

Shui YouLian was originally from an official’s family. But she had been in Chuyao Guan for a period of time. What thoughts a man had, of course, she could tell with a glance. But she also knew how to grasp the timing.

She immediately shyly and timidly withdrew her small hand. Gasping and panting, she said, “Nubi… nubi has… medicine. Trouble Laoye… to have someone… fetch it…”

Zi You came in with a small porcelain bottle. She poured out a pill and put it in Shui YouLian’s mouth.

With a face full of sympathy, she said to Mu YingRui, “YouLian has asthma and cannot be subjected to cold wind or have contact with pollen. But she heard that daughter was rehearsing singing, and dancing as Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for the elders. I needed three people and since the other girls did not dance, she insisted on participating. I advised her not to participate because the evening was windy and it was taking place in the garden, but she did not listen. She said she had no relatives. My relatives were her relatives. She had nothing else to give. A dance that would bring joy to the elders was something she was supposed to do.”


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