Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 57 Special Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts [4], Part 1

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He glared fiercely at Wang Yiping and angrily said, “Huh! You’re such a busybody. The whole day, this is not right and that is not right. What is right with you then? Watching singing and dancing, but you can still nitpick!”

The last bit was spoken a little loudly. It attracted Old General Mu and the yiniangs to look over at Wang Yiping. Wang Yiping was angered almost to death.

When Zi You’s song ended, the red-clothed woman’s dance ended too. The woman did not immediately leave, but twisted her body into a beautiful curtsy for good fortune.

Then Zi You, ShiYun, and the woman in red came in front of Old General Mu, Mu YingYi and Mu YingRui together. They were all holding embroidered pouches.

Zi you smiled and said, “This is You’er’s personally-made embroidered pouch. Inside are pills You’er created that can prevent poison and cure poison. They are for grandfather, father, and uncle to wear on their bodies to ensure safety.”

Old General Mu took the pouch from Zi You and happily hung it on his waist. “You’er, grandfather is very glad you’re so sensible and filial. Grandfather will always carry this pouch.”

Mu YingYi accepted the pouch from ShiYun. He also smiled and praised, “You’re very thoughtful, You’er. Uncle thanks you! Uncle will also always carry it with me.”

Mu YingRui’s eyes were not on the pouch, but on the red-clothed woman, Shui YouLian, in front of him.

Shui YouLian’s pair of frail and timid phoenix eyes on her bashful face was shy and charming. She secretly looked at Mu YingRui, eyes rippling with an amorous feeling.

Mu YingRui’s heart rate sped up and his mouth went dry. While taking the pouch, he took the opportunity to pinch Shui YouLian’s small hand.


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