Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 56 Special Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts [3], Part 2

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Everyone seemed to have heard a kingfisher playing in the water, a yellow warbler chirping, and a nightingale singing. The unending lingering sounds spread unearthly music throughout, like some lively spirits cleansing the soul.

Soon, a woman wearing a red sari danced alongside Zi You’s singing.

A red, silver-embroidered sari tightly wrapped around the woman’s slender frame. She had a slender jade neck, a crisp and small waist, and a pair of white jade, smooth and shapely arms that were half covered and half revealed. Even her beautiful lotus feet were silently enchanting and issuing a seductive invitation.

The woman’s appearance was undoubtedly glamorous. But what was attractive was not only her appearance, but also her demeanor.

The woman’s pair of phoenix eyes was moist and rippled with meekness, showing a tender weakness.

Her red lips shined bright with luster. They were slightly open as if she had thousands of words to say to you. Seeing her, one’s heart softened and couldn’t help but want to take care of her.

She wasn’t stunning but her enchanting weakness inspired a man to protect and possess her so that he could not move his eyes away from her body.

Fortunately, Old General Mu and Mu YingYi were both gentlemen. They were not touched by beauty.

But the lustful ghost Mu YingRui couldn’t hold on. His eyes stared straight at her and he didn’t even know when his saliva drooled out.

Wang Yiping was angry and her nails almost pierced her skin. She struck Mu YingRui hard. She lowly complained, “What does your daughter want to do? Where did she get this vixen from? She’s not afraid of being a joke!”

Mu YingRui glanced at Née Liu and saw her smiling gently at Zi You. His anger rushed up like a fire.


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