Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 56 Special Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts [3], Part 1

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He wanted to leave but Zi You stood up and halted him. “Father, don’t go yet, okay? You’er prepared gifts for grandfather, father, and uncle. The last time at the market, You’er only bought presents for mother and aunt, but not for grandfather, father, or uncle. You’er has been uncomfortable about that. Taking advantage of this harmonious family festival today, You’er prepared song and dance for grandfather, father, and uncle. Wishing grandfather, father, and uncle good fortune and all the best!”

She had someone bring out the Indian musical instruments and she went to change outfits.

When she came out, her new outfit made everyone stared.

An ice-blue sari molded her graceful jade-like figure. Her fine black hair was braided into one big braid with circlets of white silk jasmine flowers wrapped around it. Circlets of brilliantly sparkling diamonds wrapped around her slender wrists and ankles. A jeweled flower shimmering blue was between her eyebrows. A sparkling sapphire drop-shaped chain hung from her forehead. There were even diamonds attached above her eyebrows.

Long butterfly-wing lashes, silver-blue eye shadow, ruddy petal-like lips made her as elegant and glamorous as the moon.

Her deep purple pair of beautiful eyes in the night underneath the moonlight was especially beautiful, like amethysts in the water. They were translucent, shiny, and crystal clear.

Zi You picked up the WeiNa Zither and sat in front of the percussion instruments. She nodded lightly to ShiYun who was dressed in a white sari. Then her soft, jade-like hands started playing the Zither.

For a time, exotic music filled with feelings echoed throughout the garden. Along with the music, Zi You sang an Indian song.


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