Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 55 Special Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts [2], Part 2

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Née Liu cut the moon cake based on the number of people. Looking at her smiling face, Wang Yiping’s face was turning green from anger.

She thought that she, as the eldest son’s wife, should be the one to cut the moon cake. But now, the one who’s doing it was this whatever Née Liu. Wasn’t this obviously bullying her?

But she did not dare to demand this authority in front of Old General Mu. He was a first-rank division commander of soldiers in five cities, with control of one-third of Great Yan’s Imperial Army in his hands. He stomped his feet and one-third of Great Yan’s people would be affected.

And Mu YingYi was a second-rank deputy general, higher-ranked than her own husband by several ranks.  

According to the situation, Née Liu had already been conferred as a second-rank furen.

But what was she? Her father Duke Yingguo was only an empty title with no real power. Till now, she had not even been granted a fourth-rank furen title.

Mu YingRui had already submitted the paperwork. But it was like a stone sinking into a big ocean. It must be Old General Mu stopping this thing behind the scenes.

 She guessed correctly. It was indeed Old General Mu’s words to the Emperor that played a role. “Emperor, it’s not easy to say too much in front of outsiders. But I don’t dare to hide anything from you. If it wasn’t for this subject’s first daughter-in-law Dier, then subduing the rebellion in Nanjiang wouldn’t have been so smooth. In this subject’s heart, the eldest daughter-in-law and lady of the house is only one person. That is Dier.”

Once Old General Mu said that, Wang Yiping being granted a ranked furen title was a long way off.

Zi You saw that Wang Yiping’s expression was bad and secretly sneered. She thought, ‘There’s more unpleasantness waiting for you.’

After worshipping and eating moon cakes, Mu YingRui wanted to go back and do ‘that.’ The yiniangs took turns sending him tonics these few days. His fire was flourishing and wanted to go put out the fire.  


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