Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 55 Special Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts [2], Part 1

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The person who was cutting the moon cake should have calculated in advance how many people were in the family. People at home and those outside should be counted together, not one more or one less. The slices should all be the same size.

The General’s Manor’s people were all here tonight. The second household’s population count was simple. Mu YingYi did not have concubines so that was only four people.

But the first household’s population was large. Mu YingRui had one wife, three concubines, three Tongfangs. In addition to the Di daughter Zi You, there was a Shu son and Shu daughter.

Second Yiniang gave birth to the elder Shu son, Mu QingCheng. He was almost ten years old and had almost no sense of presence.

One didn’t know if it was due to drunken stupor sexual relations, but he had a wooden personality and wasn’t very bright. He was a far cry compared to Mu YingYi’s two sons.

He was not capable in martial or civil areas. Old General Mu rarely saw this Shu grandson.

Third Yiniang had no children. She was pregnant before, but after three months, she and Mu YingRui did ‘that.’ It was a miscarriage and a male child. Mu YingRui was regretful enough to want to die.

The consequences of that was that Third Yiniang never got pregnant again.

Fourth Yiniang had a daughter named Mu HongYe. She was five years old. Both her appearance and intelligence were not comparable to Zi You.

But Mu YingRui doted on her to death. Whatever good things there were, he sent them to her first.

To this, both Old General Mu and Mu YingYi could not understand. He didn’t love an intelligent, beautiful Di daughter. But he loved a not-so-excellent Shu daughter. Was his head growing grass?

Fortunately, Fourth Yiniang was not stupid. She knew in the General’s Manor, what her husband said didn’t matter. Old General Mu was the pillar. So she always never dared to scheme on Zi You. She was afraid if Old General Mu found out, she would be dead without a burial site. Otherwise, Zi You’s situation would be worse.


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