Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 54 Special Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts [1], Part 2

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After lunch, Zi You took Shui YouLian into Hundred Herb Garden. She closed the door and began the final preparations for tonight’s performance.

She had already drawn a costume based on the sari her mother left behind. ShiYun and ShuiYun had already completed it.

The musical instruments she ordered were already delivered. She playing her mother’s WeiNa Zither and ShiYun playing percussion already collaborated many times. It was not completely compatible, but around 70%-80%.

The lacking part was Shui YouLian’s Indian dance. It was less an Indian dance, but more of a dance on the vicissitudes of life.

But perhaps her slag father would like this version of it.

The evening wind brushed like a beautiful silk fan: so light and so soft. An ice-like moon quietly shone in the deep sky casting a pale light: so hazy and so tempting.

The night finally arrived. The General’s Manor’s garden was filled with osmanthus fragrance and brilliant lights.

Zi You had people tie a variety of lanterns in long strings around the garden’s osmanthus trees and under the grape vines. The whole garden was decorated like a dream, similar to a poem.

Great Yan’s Mid-Autumn Festival welcomed the arrival of winter and offered sacrifices. The ceremony called for setting up large incenses and putting out moon cakes, watermelon, apples, red candles, plums, grapes, and other offerings. The moon cakes and watermelon could absolutely not be missing. The watermelon should be carved into a lotus. Under the moonlight, the moon statue should be placed in the direction of the moon. Red candles would burn bright. The whole family would worship the moon. Then the lady of the house would cut open the moon cake.


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