Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 54 Special Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts [1], Part 1

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“You!” Wang Yiping was angry. After taking a long time to calm down, she forced out a small smile. “It’s nothing much. Mother is just angry because you shouldn’t be too close with that old woman. Don’t be fooled by her appearance. She’s actually a very bad person. Also, she’s not your true Waipo. Your true Waipo is my yiniang. If you go to Duke Yingguo’s Manor in the future, just paying respects to my yiniang is enough.”

Huh! You want this Great General’s Di Xiaojie to pay respects to your lowly actress yinaing? What do you think I am?

Zi You was furious, but her face was ignorant. “Isn’t that incorrect, mother? Aunt told me only Duke Yingguo and his furen could receive my formal respects. Even if it’s Duke Yingguo’s Manor’s xiaojies, I only need to half-curtsy. Those whatever yiniangs are only half-slaves and half-masters. They should curtsy to me when they see me. Also, I shouldn’t have to go pay respects to them. But you’re telling me differently. Aiya! I don’t know who to. I’ll go back and ask grandfather.”

“There’s no need,” Wang Yiping hurriedly stopped her. She gritted her teeth in a smile. “Actually, I misspoke. You don’t have to ask your grandfather. The Great General is busy. Don’t bother him all the time.”

 “Oh.” Zi You seemed respectful, but her heart was coldly sneering. The next time I go to Duke Yingguo’s Manor, I would tell your Di mother the words you just said.

Back at the General’s Manor, the Old General was worried Wang Yiping made things difficult for Zi You. He immediately summoned her to his study and carefully questioned her.

Zi You was touched. She repeatedly reassured the Old General. “Grandfather, I’m fine. Really. I’m not afraid of her right now. She doesn’t know martial arts. She couldn’t fight and win over me. At most, she would scold me a few times. Let her scold. I’m not angry. In return, I would anger her half to death. She won’t be able to get any advantage from me.”

The Old General saw that she was cheerful and was reassured.


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