Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 53 Roping “Maternal Grandmother [Waipo]” in to Deal with Stepmother [3], Part 2

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She looked at the old lady with a deep smile. “Waipo, You’er likes you too. Since You’er was born, she didn’t have a paternal or maternal grandmother. Now that I see you, I’m really happy!”

Duke Yingguo furen was coaxed by Zi You into loudly laughing. When Wang Yiping returned, she saw her Di mother smiling from ear to ear. When Zi You wasn’t paying attention, Wang Yiping fiercely glared at her. Then she put on pleasant face. She said to Zi You, “Let’s go. We should get back.”

Duke Yingguo furen pretended to be very caring. “It’s so difficult for you to come back so why don’t you have lunch before leaving? We don’t want our in-laws to laugh at us for lacking in manners. I heard that you were too busy with bedroom matters. You overworked yourself and your body’s now deficient. I’ll have the kitchen make you a kidney-fortifying soup. Drink it, then go back.”

The words of concern were spoken with a mocking face.

Wang Yiping’s face immediately reddened like a monkey’s butt. She resentfully glared at Zi You and then said, “There’s no need. Thank you, mother! If there’s nothing else, daughter will return first.”

She slightly curtsied and turned away. She walked very quickly. After Zi You and Duke Yingguo furen said their goodbyes, there was no trace of her shadow.

Zi You slowly walked. She was happy enough to want to sing out loud. Angering Wang Yiping until her heart, kidney, liver and lungs pain and she reverted back to her original form was a very pleasurable thing.

Zi You lightly smiled and got on the horse carriage. As soon as she sat down, Wang Yiping angrily said, “What were you talking about with that old woman? Where does a noble daughter get so much nonsense from?”

You finally couldn’t pretend anymore? Zi You secretly sneered coldly. But she pretended to be afraid and aggrieved. A layer of mist quickly covered her big eyes. She weakly said, “Mother, why are you so angry? What did You’er say that was wrong? Isn’t the old woman your mother? She cares about you. That’s why she was asking for news about you from daughter. Daughter can’t tell her how you’re doing at the General’s Manor? Daughter doesn’t know what she said wrong. Can you tell daughter?”


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