Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 53 Roping “Maternal Grandmother [Waipo]” in to Deal with Stepmother [3], Part 1

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Duke Yingguo furen gasped in anger! That lowly fox vixen was revolting just like her yiniang. She only knew how to please men all day. She didn’t even prepare gifts for us so she could fool around with a half-dead old man,. She had the gall to have her dimei and the deceased wife’s daughter busy themselves for her! Kidney deficiency? Why didn’t she [Wang Yiping] die from the deficiency? She was wondering why that old man didn’t come and sent his daughter here. It seemed that he was enchanted by that vixen and couldn’t get out of bed right? No wonder the vixen’s expression was bad.

Aiyo! How embarrassing! What would the Old General think of our Duke Yingguo’s Manor?

I would have to “boast” of his obedient daughter in front of Yingguo Laoye and see what would happen to her yiniang then.

To find out Wang Yiping’s secrets, Duke Yingguo furen’s attitude to Zi You was exceptionally well.

Zi You seemed like an ignorant and innocent girl. She answered whatever questions she was asked.

Soon, Duke Yingguo furen found out everything about Mu YingRui and Wang Yiping.

Finally, the old lady was so happy she took a jade bracelet off her wrist. She handed it to Zi You. “This is Waipo’s first-meeting gift to you. Waipo likes you very much. You have to come play here more often.”

The jade bracelet’s color was very good. The body was translucent, with no blemishes. It should be very valuable.

Zi You was quiet for a long time. She only accepted the jade bracelet when she saw the old lady pretend to turn hostile. She then put it on her own wrist.


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