Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 52 Roping “Maternal Grandmother [Waipo]” in to Deal with Stepmother [2], Part 2

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When Duke Yingguo furen saw that Zi You didn’t go to visit Wang Yiping’s lowly, cheap yiniang and rather accompany her, immediately pretended to smile lovingly. “You’er, eat some grapes. They’re sweet and fragrant. Very delicious.”

Zi You picked up a bunch of grapes. While eating, she pretended to be a naïve and innocent child and asked, “Waipo likes eating grapes? Then do you like eating other fruits?”

Duke Yingguo furen looked and smiled at Zi You. “I like. But my teeth aren’t good. I can’t eat a lot of fruits.”

Zi You immediately said, “Really? Then the gifts I gave Waipo are appropriate. The moon cakes I made are filled with fruit puree. There’s cantaloupe, grape, pineapple, and jujube paste fillings. I was afraid Waipo doesn’t like to eat sweet things so the taste is very light. If Waipo doesn’t believe, go taste them. You will certainly like eating them.”

Duke Yingguo furen naturally said with great interest, “Oh? Then Waipo will taste You’er’s handiwork.”

Zi You immediately jumped from her chair and retrieved pineapple-stuffed moon cakes from the piles of gifts. She gave it to Duke Yingguo furen and smiled sweetly. “Waipo, this is pineapple filling. You want to try it?”

Duke Yingguo furen took the moon cake and took bites. Who knew that she couldn’t stop with one mouthful. She ate the whole piece of moon cake.

The moon cake’s pineapple favor was strong. It was sweet but not greasy; soft and delicate. It melted in the mouth and was very delicious. It was many more times delicious than the moon cakes made in her house.

Wishing to continue eating, she asked, “You made these moon cakes? Then what did your mother prepare?”

Zi You sighed and pretended to be ignorant. “Mother’s health isn’t good. The doctor said something about whatever kidney deficiency and overdoing whatever bedroom matters. Daughter guesses that the first household was too busy so mother is overworked. So Aunt and I prepared the gifts for Waipo and Waigong [maternal grandfather]. Waipo, if you don’t like the gifts, please forgive us.”


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