Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 51 Roping “Maternal Grandmother [Waipo]” in to Deal with Stepmother [1], Part 2

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Zi You quickly learned of this matter. Her eyes turned and she took the initiative to find Wang Yiping. “Mother, let me accompany you to Duke Yingguo’s Manor. We’ll return right after we hand out the gifts.”

Wang Yiping was so angry, she was tearful. She wanted to refuse originally but once she thought of Duke Yingguo’s Di furen’s taunting face, she helplessly nodded. She and Zi You got on the horse carriage together.

Along the way, Wang Yiping did not speak a word. Zi You coldly smiled on the inside, but had a face of innocence. She spoke of what she saw and heard on her outing that day.

The troubled Wang Yiping took advantage of Zi You not paying attention and stared viciously at her. Her gaze was more ruthless and scary than a poisonous viper.

After arriving at Duke Yingguo’s Manor, the two went to pay their respects to Duke Yingguo furen.

After the courtesies, Duke Yingguo furen casually said, “Why didn’t fourth guye [Son-in-law, i.e. Mu YingRui] come back with you? You didn’t come back yesterday. I thought you weren’t coming. What did you bring back? It’s not moon cakes, right?”

The gifts were prepared by Née Liu and Zi You. Wang Yiping never asked what they were. Later, because she was angry Mu YingRui was not going with her to her maiden family’s, she was so angry she didn’t even see the gift list. Therefore, she didn’t know what the gifts were.

Floundering for a bit and not saying much, she hurriedly changed the subject. She asked Duke Yingguo furen, “Are you in good health? When you are old, be careful not to get angry easily.”

This slut was just as hateful as her yiniang mother; daring to say I’m old.

Duke Yingguo furen, Née Chu, stared hard at Wang Yiping. “I’m fine. Without cheap sluts being cheap, there is nothing wrong.”


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