Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 51 Roping “Maternal Grandmother [Waipo]” in to Deal with Stepmother [1], Part 1

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The next day was the Mid-Autumn Festival. Wang Yiping needed to return home to hand out Mid-Autumn Festival gifts. She wanted Mu YingRui to accompany her but he actually turned her down.

The reason was adequate: “Brother and dimei also went to her maiden family’s. If I go with you to your maiden family’s, then wouldn’t my father have to eat lunch alone? Go back on your own.”

 He was secretly complaining to himself. “You want this Ye to go back with you to hand out gifts? How ridiculous! If not for your stupid gift, I wouldn’t have been kicked by father. This Ye still pains all over. Really such a slut. Second Yiniang, Third Yiniang, and Fourth Yiniang think of everything for this Ye’s sake. Only you keep pestering this Ye for ‘that’.”

Mu YingRui knew to renege on this matter. This morning, his three concubines gathered gifts and looked at him. “After seeing Xiaojie making moon cakes last night, we knew the gift for furen’s maiden family was not ready yet. So bieqie made this through the night. Laoye, it’s not that bieqie speak ill of furen, but what Di [legitimate-born] Xiaojie would prepare gifts for her stepmother’s maiden family? If Lao TaiYe finds out, wouldn’t he blame Laoye again? It’s good Xiaojie is kindhearted and hid this matter from Lao TaiYe and Second Furen. Or else, wouldn’t Laoye be punished by Lao TaiYe again?”

When Mu YingRui remembered that a stepmother’s maiden family was not considered his daughter’s real maternal grandparents’ family, he unconsciously broke out into a cold sweat.

Fortunately his daughter did not complain or he would suffer his father’s kick again.

This misfortune was brought to me all because of this woman! Mu YingRui thought of this and ignored Wang Yiping. He told his three concubines, “Let’s go. This Ye orders that the courtyard be decorated beautifully. Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival. We’ll admire the moon in the courtyard tonight.”

He walked leisurely away with his concubines and left an angry Wang Yiping behind.


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