Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 50 Also Not Easy to Deal With [2], Part 2

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Second Yiniang’s heart was filled with hatred, but it wasn’t apparent on her face. She only looked concerned for Mu YingRui. “Laoye, it’s all over the house. Xiaojie is struggling to train the newly-bought female slaves to follow Lao TaiYe to the battlefield. Furen should know this. How can she not tell Laoye and tell Laoye to ask for the slaves? Ah, perhaps furen is angry at Xiaojie. She thinks that Xiaojie did not send her maternal grandparents gifts over the Mid-Autumn Fesitval. Aiyo! This is wrongly accusing Xiaojie. Bieqie heard that Xiaojie is currently personally making moon cakes to give to her maternal grandparents.”

Mu YingRui’s dissatisfaction towards Wang Yiping increased again. With his hands groping and kneading Second Yiniang, he said, “Only Yan’er cares about Laoye. Laoye neglected you in the past. In the future, Laoye will come more often.”

This was the first time since Mu YingRui and Wang Yiping married that Mu YingRui did not have dinner with her nor slept in her courtyard.

The maidservant Wang Yiping sent to find Laoye returned and told her, “Laoye said he’s eating dinner at Second Yiniang’s. He will not come here tonight.” Wang Yiping angrily broke some tea sets.

Of course, Zi You quickly learnt of this matter. She immediately had ShiYun give a good pair of Southern pearl earrings to Second Yiniang. “Second Yiniang, this is what Xiaojie told this slave to send to you. She said that you serve Laoye very well. You deserve a reward.”

Second Yiniang instinctively understood. She smiled and thanked her, “ShiYun, please help me thank Xiaojie! I will do my best to serve Laoye well in the future.”

The enemy of your enemy was your friend. Wang Yiping, wait for my next move. Second Yiniang, Third Yiniang, Fourth Yiniang, Fifth Yiniang…would be your enemy. One move per person would not let you be idle or lonely.


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