Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 50 Also Not Easy to Deal With [2], Part 1

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Second Yiniang saw Mu YingRui’s eyes constantly moving around and immediately secretly sneered. Huh! Furen? Just a cheap concubine-born [Shu] girl. Want to ride on this lady’s head? I’ll let you taste this lady’s means today.

Second Yiniang was fighting for favor that year with Third Yiniang and Fourth Yiniang. Only Dier did not try to drive a wedge between them and Mu YingRui.

Mu YingRui and Dier gradually drifted apart. She and Third Yiniang contributed to that. If there were no schemes, how could she successfully have given birth to the first household’s Shu son?

She hated Wang Yiping not only for one or two days because ever since Wang Yiping married over, Mu YingRui rarely came to her. But when Dier was alive, Mu YingRui frequently came over.

Moreover, Dier didn’t set up rules, reproached them or treated them like less than humans.

However, Wang Yiping was too bad. She often enslaved them with rules and the most hateful of all, hogged Laoye to herself and didn’t let him sleep with them.

Therefore, compared to Dier, Second Yiniang hated Wang Yiping more, to the point of hating her to the bones.

One man had three Yiniangs and three Tongfang maidservants [maidservants without status who sleeps with the master], but one woman hogged him all to herself. It would be strange if there’s no grudge among the other women.

Second Yiniang heard Mu YingRui’s question and secretly sneered coldly. She already cursed Wang Yiping’s twelve generations of ancestors. That slut! In the middle of the day, she was entangling with Laoye and infatuating him so his spirit and soul were upside down. He wasn’t even aware such a big thing happened in the house.


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