Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 49 Also Not Easy to Deal With [1], Part 2

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Finally, she reminded Mu YingRui that she could not survive without him. But it was hard to say with furen. Otherwise, why would she not stop her [Wang Yiping] and him from doing “it”?

Furen was born to a rich, noble family, unlike her: lowborn and on one’s own.

Second Yiniang was the daughter of a merchant. How could she not have a bit of scheming? So, none of the women in these courtyards were easy to deal with.

With Second Yiniang’s urgings, he immediately formed opinions on Wang Yiping. Because Second Yiniang was correct. Wang Yiping knew of his kidney deficiency, but still kept entangling with him. She didn’t let go of him even in the daytime. Wasn’t this asking for his life?

Mu YingRui recalled that because of her, he suffered a kick from his father. He immediately told Second Yiniang, “Only Yan’er (Second Yiniang’s name was Xi Yan) knows to care for this Ye! Furen is too young to be sensible. If it wasn’t because of her today, this Ye wouldn’t have been reprimanded by my father.”

Mu YingRui spoke of how Wang Yiping egged him on to obtain maidservants. Second Yiniang immediately exclaimed, “Heavens! No wonder Lao TaiYe was angry. Laoye doesn’t know what the slaves were bought for? They were special gifts Xiaojie presented to Lao TaiYe and Second Ye [Mu YingYi]. Xiaojie said she would teach them martial arts and medicine so they could follow Lao TaiYe and Second Ye onto the battlefield to help wounded soldiers. Of course Xiaojie wouldn’t agree to give these girls to anyone. Furen thus egged on Laoye to get the girls, no wonder Lao Taiye beats Laoye and is angry with Laoye for being unfilial.”

“What! There is such a thing?” Only at this time, did Mu YingRui found out his daughter’s intentions for purchasing the slaves.


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