Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 49 Also Not Easy to Deal With [1], Part 1

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Mu YingRui nodded and reclined spread-eagled on the bed. He pulled Second Yiniang over, “Quickly, help this Ye massage. This Ye is paining to death.”

Second Yiniang immediately pretended to be distressed. “What’s wrong? What happened? Don’t frighten beiqie. Why randomly hurt? Where does it hurt? Is it bad?”

Mu YingRui saw Second Yiniang was so concerned about him and his heart was more comfortable. He pulled her and kissed her face. He lecherously said, “Your heart worries about this Ye? Then serve Ye well.”

Second Yiniang said, a bit grudgingly, “Beiqie wants to serve Laoye well, but Laoye doesn’t give beiqie an opportunity to.”

Mu YingRui thought that he hadn’t come here in a long time and immediately smiled embarrassedly, “Aren’t I here now? The opportunity is yours tonight.”

Second Yiniang was so happy she was in tears. She took the chance to tell Laoye how much she longed for and missed him. The corny words made Mu YingRui unable to wait until nighttime to unsheathe his sword from his scabbard.

Second Yiniang thought of the things she inquired these past few days and immediately stopped Mu YingRui. She pretended to be distressed and said, “Laoye, actually beiqie also wants…and misses Laoye’s urgency. But beiqie heard that these days, Laoye’s body was suffering from kidney deficiency. If beiqie doesn’t stop Laoye now, is beiqie still human? Beiqie may be of low birth but I can’t risk disregard Laoye’s body for beiqie’s selfish desires. Laoye, you must take care of yourself! If beiqie leaves Laoye, she isn’t able to live on!”

These words did not mention Wang Yiping. But, in fact, every word was condemning her for not thinking for the sake of Mu YingRui’s body.


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