Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 48 Scum Father is Kicked, Part 2

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Old General Mu finished scolding, but was still angry. He went over to kick his son hard in the legs. He warned, “I’m warning you, watch yourself. If you do something so embarrassing again, I’ll break your legs!”

In front of his father, Mu YingRui did not dare to be impudent. He knew his father was not all bark and no bite. He would absolutely act.

 Mu YingRui lowered his head and agreed. He didn’t even dare to look once at Old General Mu. He kept kowtowing, admitting his mistakes.

Fortunately, Old General Mu saw his attitude was good and let him go.

Mu YingRui was filled with anger. He blamed Zi You for being credulous in believing that wind was rain. He was also angry at Wang Yiping.

That woman was a busybody! During the whole day, if it’s not this thing, it’s that thing. If she didn’t urge him to get some maidservants, his father wouldn’t be angry and kicked him.

He could only shout in pain being kicked. Mu YingRui touched the place where his father kicked him. He went to the courtyard of the Second Yiniang he hadn’t visited for a long time.

Second Yiniang had not welcomed Laoye here for a long time. She was looking at her maidservant Cuixi meaningfully while tenderly smiling. “Laoye! Beiqie [Literally: this humble concubine] pays respects to Laoye. Wishing Laoye good fortune.”


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