Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 48 Scum Father is Kicked, Part 1

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Father would not be like him, all bark and no bite. When his father turned angry, he might even kill him. Therefore, he needed to first run.

Wang Yiping saw Mu YingRui ran away and was angry enough to faint. She started cursing him. Coward! Every time you see your father, you’re a weakling. She spat at him!

However, come to think of it, once the doctor came, what would she say? I can’t let them find out I’m lying.

Wang Yiping frantically ran back to her room. Seeing Mu YingRui had not returned yet, resentment flared up again.

He was not limited to only one woman. If she annoyed him, he could find other women for pleasure. But she had to stay alone and be angry and sad.

The doctor was invited over by Zi You. He took Wang Yiping’s pulse and couldn’t help but shake his head again. He said the same words to Mu YingRui, “Everything in moderation. Bedroom activities are normal and beneficial to the body. But overdoing it would cause harm.”*

[*TL Note: This probably happened in the missing Chapter 41]

The last sentences were not easy to say. This furen was young and was married less than a year. But it seemed she used contraceptive drugs for such a long time. If she wanted children in the future, it would not be easy. She must nurse her body back to health.

But these words he adamantly would not say. What matters weren’t there in noble families? Keeping his mouth shut would protect himself.

However, Old General Mu was angry and turned to settle accounts with his son.

He called Mu YingRui to his study. But before he could kneel, Old General Mu kicked him down and in a towering rage scolded, “This old man has lived his life honestly and cleanly. I have never made a laughingstock of myself before. Now, again and again, my face is thrown away! You two have the face to ask your child be worried and find the doctor again and again? To make her worried again and again? You don’t have any shame? Ah? Didn’t I tell you to sleep in the study? Why do you not listen? And you have the face to ask your dimei for maidservants as gifts to hand out. You don’t do anything all day. What are you busy with? You don’t even properly prepare a gift for the relatives? Now You’er still has to make moon cakes. You still count as parents? Animals are better than you!” 


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