Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 47 Trading Moves Again [2], Part 2

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The two were angered by Zi You until their livers hurt. Finally, Wang Yiping smoothly said, “It’s nothing big, but mother is a little tired. If you’re not willing to give the maidservants to mother, then…”

“How can it be like that? Mother, let’s invite a doctor over to check. Sometimes a small illness left untreated would become a serious illness.”

Zi You interrupted Wang Yiping’s unfinished words. She turned around and ran out.

The two wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves, but did not bring her back.

Wang Yiping was angered into tears again. She said bitterly to Mu YingRui, “Did you see? Your daughter doesn’t listen to our words. If she doesn’t talk back, she interrupts. It’s fine if she doesn’t have me, her mother, in her eyes. But she doesn’t even have you, her father, in her eyes. It really makes people’s hearts grow cold.”

Egged on by her, Mu YingRui was angry again. He slapped hard on the table, “She dares? If she disobeys me, I will break her legs!”

He discontentedly looked at Wang Yiping, “You too. Why do you always use illness as an excuse? If the darned girl invites a doctor again and finds out you’re not sick, what would you do? Really, impossibly stupid. Telling the same lie every time. My fingertip still pains today.”*

[*TL Note: This probably happened in the missing Chapter 41]

He flicked his sleeves and left the study. He didn’t dare to stay longer. If the doctor came and found out Wang Yiping was faking an illness, his father would peel his skin.


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