Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 47 Trading Moves Again [2], Part 1

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Because of guilt, his voice was less forceful. “I heard you bought more than fifty maidservants. Why aren’t you using them? Even if you use them…you can’t use that many. Just give your mother four. Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival. She is going back to your maternal grandparents’ house. She didn’t have time to buy anything. Why don’t you choose four neat girls and give them to your maternal grandparents?”

Maternal grandparents? My maternal grandparents are in India. Wang Yiping’s family’s home had nothing to do with me. Why should I gift them anything?

Zi You coldly sneered in her heart. But her tone was very polite, “Ah? Mother did not prepare gifts for her parents? Daughter already prepared gifts for you and maternal grandparents. How about this? I’ll go talk to Aunt. Let her subtract some gifts away from other manors. Together with what daughter prepared for maternal grandparents, it should be enough.”

Although the words were polite, it was as though giving a loud slap to the two.

I, Mu Zi You, was a daughter left behind by your deceased wife. I already prepared gifts for your second wife’s parents. But you, as their own daughter, had not prepared anything yet. What were you doing?

Sure enough, Wang Yiping’s face reddened like a monkey’s butt. And Mu YingRui was angry, “I told you to send four maidservants over. Just send them over after you pick them out. No, let your mother personally choose is okay too. Why are you saying so much nonsense?”

Zi You immediately looked aggrieved at Wang Yiping. Trembling with fear and trepidation, she said, “Isn’t daughter just worried about mother? Mother is not doing the festival preparations and is not very busy every day. But she still hasn’t prepared any gifts for her maternal family. Her body must be unwell. Otherwise, how could she be so neglectful? Knowing mother’s health is not good, is it unfilial of daughter to not ask? Father, why are you angry? You’re so angry today, is it because of mother’s poor health?”

The two were blocked speechless by Zi You’s words. They couldn’t retort one sentence. If Wang Yiping was not sick, then it was equal to saying she had no filial piety. If Wang Yiping was sick, then inviting the doctor would be too embarrassing!


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