Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 46 Trading Moves Again [1], Part 2

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Mu YingRui saw Wang Yiping’s wink and heard Zi You’s words. His heart couldn’t help but jump. When he recalled that Zi You’s illness was caused by his and Wang Yiping’s poisoning, he guiltily lowered his head.

The earlier anger disappeared without a trace. He put on a fake smile and air of concern, “Ah! Father is just like your mother. I’m just afraid you’ll be absorbed with learning martial arts and neglect what girls should learn. It’s better if girls are more gentle and quiet or how else would they get married? After the festival, the teacher your mother found would arrive. Don’t disappoint me or your mother and learn etiquette properly.”

Zi You answered without changing her expression, “Yes, daughter will follow father and mother’s teachings. If father and mother have nothing else, daughter will leave.” She turned to leave.

Wang Yiping saw and she anxiously looked at Mu YingRui. He nodded and immediately tried to stop her, “Don’t be in a hurry. Father still has something to ask you.”

Zi You knew they wanted to bring up the maidservant thing. The speech before was to give themselves an out so that she straightforwardly agree to what they want. When Zi You thought of how her own biological father faking and manipulating his words, she couldn’t help but want to scold him. What father? He wasn’t even a dog or a pig! To fulfill his and his woman’s wishes, he was willing to do all sorts of immoral things!

Zi You’s heart was filled with hatred but her face was expressionless. She faintly smiled with pure-like-water eyes causing the two to shamefully turn away.

Mu YingRui couldn’t help but sweat a bit. His daughter’s eyes were terrifying. It seemed like they could see through everything.


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