Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 46 Trading Moves Again [1], Part 1

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“You’er, don’t talk back to your father. Your father is thinking for your own good. You’re a girl but you don’t learn needlework, ‘Female Virtues’ or ‘Female Disciplines.’ You spend all day wielding spears and knives. I’m worried about you. That’s why I lecture you.”

At this point, Wang Yiping came over to be a good person. She helped Zi You up and pretended to lovingly help her pat off nonexistent dust from her knees.

She couldn’t help but be gloomy. Fortunately she came over. Otherwise, not only would they not obtain their objective, but if this darned girl complained, then wouldn’t they [Wang Yiping and Mu YingRui] suffer a loss?

Thinking of this, Wang Yiping said softly to Mu YingRui, “Laoye, speak gently to You’er. You have good intentions but with your temper, You’er would misunderstand.” She winked at him.

Huh! Good intentions. It would be strange if you two have good intentions. One played a good person, one played a bad person. You think others are fools? I was deceived by your fake mother’s tenderness. If I’m deceived a second time, then I deserve to go to hell! But I’ve been to that hell in my previous life. It’s both of your turns to go there this lifetime.

Zi You coldly sneered to herself. She grabbed Wang Yiping’s arm and smiled; “Only mother knows how to love me. Father only knows how to scold me. You don’t have to worry. You’er knows propriety. Actually, I did not neglect needlework, ‘Female Virtues’ or ‘Female Disciplines.’ If father doesn’t believe, he can test me. As to martial arts, I didn’t run around with swords. I just followed grandfather to learn internal strength to strengthen my physical fitness so people won’t gossip about it. The last time daughter was sick, it scared people. If people know that Great Yan’s Great General, who’s the most powerful in martial arts, had a granddaughter with such a weak body, wouldn’t the General’s Manor be a laughingstock?”


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