Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 45 Making Waves Again [2], Part 2

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Née Liu told Old General Mu about Wang Yiping wanting maidservants. Old General Mu angrily wanted to immediately find Mu YingRui. But Zi You stopped him, “Grandfather, father must have been influenced by mother again. You can’t afford to be angry with them. You don’t have to go. I will go. I want to see what father and mother will say.”

Zi You leisurely went to Mu YingRui’s study.

As she walked in, Mu YingRui angrily shouted, “Kneel! You disobedient and unfilial thing!”

Zi You calmly kneeled. She asked innocently, “If daughter is wrong, may father please discipline. But the crime of being disobedient and unfilial, daughter cannot afford to bear. Father, please express where daughter was unfilial?”

Mu YingRui’s hand slammed the table. He self-confidently scolded, “Father wants to see you. You refuse many times. You let father wait for you. If this isn’t being unfilial, then what is it?”

Zi You was not panicked and unhurriedly replied, “Daughter was practicing internal strength. If interrupted halfway, the results would range from being lightly injured to severely going mad. Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival. If daughter is injured or goes mad, wouldn’t the whole Manor’s elders be busy worrying for daughter and have a bad holiday? That is really unfilial. Daughter could not immediately come see father but didn’t the servants explain to father? If father says daughter is disobedient and unfilial based on this matter, then daughter cannot accept the blame.”

Zi You’s words almost made Mu YingRui collapse. He pointed violently at her, “Is this the attitude you should have as someone’s child? Your elder says one sentence, but you return so many?”

Zi You’s face was filled with grievances. She said with hidden bitterness, “Father is considered an official of the common people. When you judge cases and someone has a grievance, do you not let them cry injustice?”

“You… you…” Mu YingRui, this prefecture’s official, was made speechless.


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