Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 45 Making Waves Again [2], Part 1

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But then he thought about his old father’s disdain for him and his fiery hot temper. Mu YingRui retreated back his extended foot.

It would be a lie to say he wasn’t afraid. That year when he took in two concubines and neglected Dier, Old General Mu beat him twenty times with military rods. He could not get out of bed for half a month.

Now, if he thought about that beating, his whole body shivered. If he didn’t receive Dier’s attentive treatment, the doctor said one of his legs would be lame.

The military rod was unlike any other stick in the Manor. It was thicker than an adult’s arm and was wrapped with barbed metal on top. As soon as it hit the buttocks, several dozen small blood drops immediately appeared. He suffered this terrible pain for six times before he fainted away.

Mu YingRui was afraid of his father’s temper and that he would hit him again. He had to angrily tell Wang Yiping, “Don’t be angry. I will solve this matter. I will definitely not let you be wronged.”

How was Mu YingRui going to solve this matter? That was, he went to find Zi You. If Zi You personally asked for the slaves, not only Née Liu, but even Old General Mu would not refuse.

Mu YingRui thought of sending for his daughter now. Zi You was still in class with the female slaves. He had someone fetch her to the study, telling her Laoye wanted to see her.

Zi You bluntly said, “Tell father to wait. I’m practicing martial arts now. I can’t go.”

After an hour, Zi You would finish her class.

Mu YingRui sent people over to urge her. But not only Née Liu found out, Old General Mu did too.


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