Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 44 Making Waves Again [1], Part 2

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Mu YingRui readily agreed. He said, “Go get the people from dimei [younger brother’s wife]. She is busy preparing the festival offerings. It’s not good if we bypass her. If she dares to refuse, I will discuss it with father. Don’t worry. I won’t let my darling suffer.”

With Mu YingRui’s support, Wang Yiping went filled with confidence to find Née Liu.

She told Née Liu, “Dimei, I was taking care of your older brother these days and did not prepare a gift for my maiden family. It’s about to be the Festival soon and I cannot return home empty-handed. How about this? Didn’t You’er bought a lot of slaves? I will pick four presentable maidservants and gift them to father.”

Née Liu immediately deeply frowned. She lightly replied, “If sister-in-law wants anything else in this household, I can make the decision. But those forty-nine slaves, I can’t do anything about. Father said he had a use for them. No one is allowed to touch them.”

Wang Yiping was immediately unhappy. Of course, she was unhappy not because she was angry. She put on an aggrieved expression, rubbed her eyes, and said with hidden bitterness, “I knew it was going to be like this. In this house, I’m a master in name, but I’m not even comparable to some slaves. In the capital, which family’s festival preparations are not done by the eldest daughter-in-law? Only the Great General’s household is an exception. And now buying forty-nine slaves, I can’t even get four. I… I…”

She turned and left in tears. No matter how Née Liu called her, she didn’t turn back.

Back in her courtyard, Wang Yiping was sad with grievances. She cried like pear blossoms in the rain. Mu YingRui was distressed. He hugged her in his arms.

When Wang Yiping stopped crying, Mu YingRui immediately went to find Old General Mu.


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