Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 44 Making Waves Again [1], Part 1

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“We understand.” It sounded a lot louder and more energetic this time.

Zi You finally let out a bright, dazzling smile. She began her first day of teaching the female medical team.

When Mu YingRui and Wang Yiping discovered the true purpose behind the slaves, it was the day before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Zi You and Old General Mu hid this matter very deeply. They weren’t afraid, but the team was newly formed. Whether it can be successful in the end, there were still many uncertain factors in the process. So Old General Mu, Mu YingYi, and Zi You wanted the females to become versed in medicine and martial arts before releasing the news.

Because of Old General Mu’s orders, Mu YingRui spent the night in the study. But that didn’t prevent him and Wang Yiping from entangling during the daytime.

 Zi You was busy training female soldiers and teaching Shui YouLian the Indian dance. Mu YingRui was busy spreading his seed on Wang Yiping’s field.

This busyness lasted until the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Festival was a traditional Chinese holiday, the biggest during springtime. It was guaranteed to be busy.

Although Wang Yiping was not in charge of festival matters, she was still busy due to the first household’s matters. Because she was busy, she neglected Mu YingRui. In fact, since they could not be together at night,* they were lingering with each other during the daytime. Many festival preparations were thrown to the heavens.

[*TL Note: This probably happened in the missing Chapter 41]

Even the gift for Wang Yiping’s maiden family, Duke Yingguo’s Manor, was not prepared.

At this time, Wang Yiping thought of the slaves Zi You bought. She wanted to pick four neat girls to give and show piety to her maiden family so she urged Mu YingRui.


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