Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 43 You Are Soldiers from This Point On, Part 2

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“Some might ask since it’s a medical team, why the need to bitterly practice martial arts? Then I will tell you. Practicing martial arts is to protect your own safety and to better perform the task of treating the wounded. You are all slaves without liberty or dignity, so please cherish this opportunity I give you to begin a new life. Study hard and work hard. If you can achieve merit on the battlefield, my grandfather will definitely help eliminate your slave status. Are you willing? If you are unwilling, step forward. I will make other work arrangements for you. Are any of you unwilling to become a female doctor?”

“Is there any?” Zi You asked three times. No one stepped forward. A dazzling smile, like a cloud breaking through sunrise, on her face illuminated the whole mountaintop.

“Good. No one is unwilling. From now on, you are members of the female medical team. Wake up at mao shi [5-7 am] and exercise on the mountain for two hours. Then return back to the Manor for breakfast. Then study medicine with me from wu shi [11-1 pm] with lunch in between and rest. Wei shi [1-3 pm] to shen shi [3-5 pm], practice medicine in the first half and practice martial arts in the second half. Rest and dinner during you shi [5-7 pm]. Self-study during xu shi [7-9 pm]. Sleep by hai shi [9-11 pm]. Next, I will start to call out names. If it’s your name, step forward and shout back. Understand?”

“Understand.” The bashful little girls lowered their heads.

Zi You immediately shouted, “Answer loudly. Lift your heads and raise your chests. Remember, you are soldiers from this point on. Understand?” 


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