Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 42 Morning Practice on the Mountain, Part 2

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Zi You, her grandfather, Mu YingYi, and the two rascals took the steep mountain path, to practice Qinggong.

More than half a year passed and Zi You was able to quickly fly up and down this path. Today, she had a task: to carry Mu YingYi’s youngest son, four-year-old Mu QingYuan up the mountain.

Little QingYuan, on his jiejie’s back, saw his jiejie moving like light clouds. He couldn’t stop clapping his hands and shouting excitedly, “Jiejie, jiejie, I want to fly up the mountain like you too. Can you teach me?”

Zi You felt a small and soft body squirming on her back. She said dotingly, “I can, but practicing martial arts is very tough. Can you persist?”

“I can, I can,” the little rascal quickly answered, afraid if he answered late his jiejie would not teach him.

Zi You gently smiled, “Okay, after we arrive on the mountain, practice horse stance with jiejie. You cannot complain of tiredness and stick to it or you’re a little dog who speaks words he doesn’t mean.”

Little QingYuan hurriedly replied, “I’m not a small dog, I can persist.”

Zi You nodded and praised, “Yuan’er is worthy of being Great General Mu’s grandson and General Mu’s son. Very ambitious!”

QingYuan slapped Zi You’s back. “I have ambition. I have ambition. I want to have ambition.”

Zi You listened to her little brother’s childish voice and was infected by his passion. She shouted and quickly flew towards the top of the mountain. Old General Mu was excited, heart pumping. He was like an old eagle that saw his young eagle fly up in the air. Gratified, proud, and even arrogant.

Even Mu YingYi was infected by Zi You’s enthusiasm. He shouted and also quickly flew up the mountain.

The five practiced martial arts while waiting for Uncle Jiang and Aunt Lan to lead the forty-nine people up.


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