Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 42 Morning Practice on the Mountain, Part 1

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Old General Mu smiled, relieved. “Your Flying Snow Sword improved a lot. If your sword energy was distributed more evenly, the osmanthus would fall into the four maidservants’ arms and not one would land on the ground. But in just half a year to get to this state, your martial arts had already surpassed your grandmother’s that year. In time, it would be above me and your uncle. By the way, you didn’t use your spiritual powers, right?”

Zi You shook her head. “I remembered grandfather’s words. I wouldn’t rashly use my spiritual powers.”

Old General Mu said approvingly, “That’s right. Using too much spiritual power would unconsciously suppress your internal force and you will feel tired.”

Zi You quickly nodded, “Granddaughter will remember, grandfather.”

Zi You sent her grandfather away, returned back to the house, and slept.

For those who practice martial arts, morning exercise was very important.

Every morning, Zi You, her grandfather and her uncle would climb to the top of the capital’s Qixia Mountain, to absorb the essence of Heaven and Earth.

Today’s morning exercise group was bigger. Forty-nine slaves and Mu YingYi’s two sons were added.

Qixia Mountain was very high. There were two paths leading to the top. One was relatively flat. Those without martial arts would climb this road to pick wild herbs or mushrooms.

The other path was very steep. In order to climb it without martial arts, one could only use ropes and daggers inserted into rock crevices.

It would be impossible for those new to martial arts to use this path. So, Uncle Jiang and his wife Aunt Lan, originally Dier’s female bodyguard, took the slaves on the flat path.


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