Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 41 Moonlight Goddess, White Clouds Floating, Part 2

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Zi You stretched her waist and smiled sweetly, like the moonlight’s brilliance pouring into the room. “Nanny, I want to practice fencing for a while. You sleep first. Let the maidservants remain.”

She then picked up her sword and went into the courtyard.

The moonlight was like water, pouring into the courtyard and bathing the fragrant osmanthus trees. The small yellow flowers were shrouded in a layer of silvery light, with an elegant aroma, very dream-like.

Zi You was calmly quiet. With her sword in the air, like a dragon emerging from water, she flew onto the tops of the osmanthus treetops…

In a flash, Nanny Lou seemed to have seen autumn water fell from the sky and turned into the infinite Milky Way. Graceful nimble movements sometimes scattering in the sky, sometimes landing on the ground, sometimes turning into silver lights scattered into thousands of stars shining bright.

Brilliant bright light. Cool and refreshing autumn wind. Her white-clothed figure was like floating snowflakes.

“ShiYun, MoYun, HaiYun, ShuiYun, go pick some osmanthus. Tomorrow we’ll make osmanthus cakes to eat.”

When the sounds of the black-naped Oriole started chirping, they only saw a silver ribbon rotating non-stop surrounding the four maidservants and Nanny Lou around the osmanthus trees. They only felt the whole courtyard air full of fragrance. The osmanthus flowers were falling onto their bodies.

Old General Mu walked into the courtyard just to see the white-clad Zi You like a white cloud floating.


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