Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 39 A Poisonous Sword-like Tongue [2], Part 2

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Mu YingYi not striking was good, but once Mu YingYi lashed out, one punch would bring down a weak scholar like himself.

Moreover, father always did like his younger brother better than him. He always said, “YingYi is the most like me. I don’t know who YingRui takes after. He neither has his mother’s earnestness or this old man’s stalwartness. He’s always lustful.”

His father hated his lustfulness and obsession with women, marrying one concubine after another.

Mu YingRui did not understand. Men should have three wives and four concubines. Why was it wrong when it came to Mu Manor? Otherwise, he should be like his father and brother and only have one woman in his lifetime? A man would waste his youth if he wasn’t lustful. He was currently approaching middle age. If he’s not lustful now, wouldn’t there be no time for it later?

Those sanctimonious hypocrites! If Dier was not beautiful, would they let a foreigner be the wife of the General’s firstborn Di son? Didn’t they treasure the baby Dier left behind after her death only because that girl would grow up to me devastatingly beautiful too?

Mu YingRui absentmindedly rubbed Wang Yiping’s body and cursed his father’s partiality and his brother’s hypocrisy in his heart.

 Then he started to be resentful of Zi You. That darned girl was just like her mother, always treating him so coldly.

That darned girl kept him at arm’s length and that woman was an ice queen. She can freeze people to death on the bed.

If she had a bit of enthusiasm, by virtue of her beauty and graceful body, would he have to take in one concubine after another?


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