Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 39 A Poisonous Sword-like Tongue [2], Part 1

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Why would she come to this gloomy courtyard to take a nap? And a nap lasted all afternoon?

Wang Yiping thought of all this and immediately felt annoyed. She knew if she wanted to follow Mu YingRui to Quanzhou, she must coax Zi You well. If Zi You did not agree, Old General Mu certainly would not agree.

If Old General Mu did not agree, even if Mu YingRui had double the courage, he still would not disobey his father. With one kick, the old general could send him from the back courtyard to the pond in front.

As soon as Wang Yiping thought she would have to sleep alone after the Mid-Autumn Festival, her heart felt as though a cat’s claw was scratching it, itching and painful.

Twisting her small waist, she ran bewitchingly in front of Mu YingRui and sat on his lap. She coyly said, “Laoye, I feel like You’er doesn’t seem like your daughter, but more like second uncle’s. When you’re not here, her being close with the second household, I didn’t say too much as I’m not her birth mother. But now Laoye is clearly in the house. When she came back, she didn’t come to her birth father to report her safety, but go to her uncle’s courtyard and she stayed for so long. I really don’t understand what that rough second uncle, other than martial arts, have compared to Laoye’s political wisdom and magnificence? Her mother was blind back then, but now she is blind too. I really feel injustice for Laoye.”

These words were very vicious! When Mu YingRui later learned the one Dier loved was Mu YingYi, how could he not hate Mu YingYi? But even if he hated, he couldn’t do anything to him.

On the official level, Mu YingYi was a second-ranked Dingguo General. He was only a fourth-ranked Quanzhou official. On the ability level, neither was a scholar. But Mu YingYi was that year’s martial arts champion, his skills were peerless. Other than Old General Mu, he wouldn’t lose to any other people.


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