Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 36 Her Wish [2], Part 2

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Old General Mu did not tell Zi You’s aspirations to his oldest son [Zi You’s father], but he did tell them to his younger son and his wife. The three were happy and proud of her.

They were getting more and more disappointed towards MuYingRui and Wang Yiping. Today was the first time Zi You went out without adult supervision for a whole day. The two were not concerned and did not show concern. They didn’t even look at Zi You once since she came back awhile ago.

Mu YingYi’s two sons, seven-year-old Mu QingHeng and four-year-old Mu QingYuan, seeing jiejie [older sister, can be used to denote familiarity] return from the market, circled around her. Trying to curry favor, they said, “Jiejie, we saved you a moon cake. It’s very delicious.”

Zi You took out the dough figures, wooden swords and wooden boat she bought at the market for the two rascals. She lovingly patted their little heads. She said to Née Liu, “Aunt, let Heng’er and Yuan’er follow me to learn martial arts. I know you don’t want them to follow grandfather and uncle’s military path. But martial arts can strengthen one’s body and willpower. Even if our Mu family’s descendants are only civil servants, they would still have the blood of soldiers and a strong iron physique.”

Zi You’s words once again got Old General Mu excited. He looked proudly at his granddaughter and nodded approvingly. “You can say such words; you are worthy of being this old man’s granddaughter!”

Née Liu was always worried about her husband setting off on war campaigns. No matter what Mu YingYi said, she would not let her two sons learn martial arts. Now listening to Zi You’s words, she pondered for awhile and readily agreed. “Okay, aunt will listen to You’er. Aunt will support the things You’er believes in.”


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