Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 36 Her Wish [2], Part 1

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Old General Mu pounded the table in anger. A corner of the table shattered. “Is she trying to tire you to death? Or wear you down? So that you won’t have any time to study martial arts or medicine?”

At these words, Zi You had a confident smile on her face. This smile was like bright fireworks in a night sky, gorgeous and dazzling. Even the study suddenly became bright and dazzling. “Grandfather, rest assured. She won’t tire me. I currently have a photographic memory. Whether it is books or objects, as long as I’ve seen them, I won’t forget. You know You’er’s martial arts progressed rapidly. Don’t you believe in your granddaughter’s abilities? It’s good that she wants to invite a teacher for me so I won’t have poor etiquette when I’m invited to big occasions in the future. I am now studying flower embroidery with ShiYun. If she [Wang Yiping] could get a good teacher for me, I’ll have to thank her.

“As for marriage, women can help the casualties of the army, in addition to medicine and martial arts. Other standards/norms women should have, I have too. If someone appreciates me and treats only me wholeheartedly, then I will marry. If he can’t appreciate me or give me his true heart, no matter how excellent he is, I don’t want.

“In this world, even if there this kind of true man and hero like grandfather or uncle, I would rather be alone my whole life. Grandfather, You’er doing this is not only to fulfill mother’s unfulfilled wish, but also to help her protect grandfather and uncle. You’er has a wish and that is to help mother gain honor and recognition. If I can accomplish meritorious deeds for the nation, who would dare laugh at mother for being a lowly barbarian and of unknown origins?”

“You’er…” Old General Mu did not expect his young granddaughter to see things so clearly and long-term, with such high ambitions. He looked at Zi You excitedly and didn’t say anything for a long time.


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