Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter Chapter 35 Her Wish [1], Part 2

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But now his granddaughter wanted to bring a forty-odd female medical team to war. No matter what, this matter could not be hidden.

Old General Mu did not worry the Emperor would not agree or his granddaughter could not succeed in forming the medical team. His fear was once his granddaughter went to war with him and confronted male soldiers, her future marriage prospects would be difficult.

What noble family wants a daughter-in-law who only knew how to fight and kill? He also felt that no noble gongzi was good enough for his granddaughter.

Old General Mu pondered and called Zi You into his study. He persuaded, “You’er, you want to learn martial arts or medicine, grandfather would not oppose. But forming a female medical team and following grandfather onto the battlefield, grandfather really couldn’t agree. If I really put you on the battlefield, it would be hard to find a marriage partner. Do you understand?”

Zi You calmly nodded. “I understand, grandfather. Great Yan’s noble daughters and xiaojies, in addition to needlework and housekeeping, there is ‘Female Virtues’ and ‘Female Disciplines [books].’” Only need to learn a little zither, chess, calligraphy and painting; not a lot, but enough to be cultured. Those who really learned the essence are little. A woman’s virtue is to have no talent, right? The other day, mother told me to read more of ‘A Daughter’s Sutra’ and learn more needlework, and wanted to find You’er a teacher for that.”

“Oh? There’s such a thing? Why didn’t you mention it? You agreed?” Old General Mu asked in surprise, his eyebrows locked.

It seemed Wang Yiping was lively again, seeing his oldest son about to leave.

Zi You nodded. “I agreed. If I don’t, won’t I disappoint mother’s feelings? Doesn’t father say daughter doesn’t understand anything?”

Zi You said this with a little ridicule. Although she was smiling, the smile did not reach her eyes.


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